Logbook Loans Review

I owe a lot to logbook loan

I would really love to contribute via my story about the importance and value of logloan.co.uk in my life. It is not a very old story when I stuck with some finances and needed the money desperately I don’t know how did I mismanaged , as I am not that kind of person yet I don’t feel like asking my friends as I had a very good repute amongst them and my ego didn’t even allow that. Unfortunately, my credit history was not that much satisfactory as it prevented me to call my bank and check for the loan as well. I started looking for alternative options and lucky I got the website for logbook loan.

Well you might be wondering why this happened and what my problem was. I am working as an office coordinator in a reputed company. My appearance matters a lot and I am shopping freak as well. My passion of shopping has taken me to the brands which I can’t afford, but my hunger and thirst for these clothing didn’t come to an end until I collapsed with my finances. Well I have been scolded and taunted many times by my friends and family but I am wrong. My aptitude really put me in trouble.

I when stuck with my credit card payments and shortage of money I didn’t have any option other than getting a loan. As I was receiving many calls from my bank to pay the dues as it was over used and my payment and interest rate was above my imagination. Well I called logbook loan and they helped me in a way that I was happy and contented.

The first motivation that forced me to choose logbook loan was that they didn’t check my credit history. I knew my history wasn’t good, and so taking a loan from a logbook loan is a place is unquestionably ideal. As an alternative they checked my financial history and make sure I had an ability to repay the loan. I proved myself to be eligible for the repayment and got my loan approved. It was hassle free work as I was extremely worried about the repayment for my bank and want to do it ASAP.

The second reason I went with a logbook loan is lesser requirements for approval and paper work. Fundamentally if you are a legal resident of the UK, 18 years old, and the legal owner of a vehicle, you can get a logbook loan. There are no complicated forms, and no hard requirements. You must have a vehicle on your name and your loan will be against your V5. I was eligible against all these requirements and on the next day they came to see my vehicle. After test and the estimation of the vehicle they approved my loan and I got the loan on very next day.

It is been 10 months that I am repaying the debt of logbook loan every conveniently. There is not even a single incident that I faced trouble; unless you are paying it on time. I am happy that logbook loan saved me from hassle and annoying calls from bank. It has also helped to learn a lesson to be in budget and avoid the hunger of expensive clothes if you can’t afford to buy them.